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Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

“It’s been a while Sir?” I said to him spanking and knocking his head*****


“Are you the driver?” I asked the other man who was looking relatively unknown. He nodded his head positively in fear. I looked at the other man who was lying in the middle with his face downwards and dragged his head up a little bit.

“It’s been a long while” I said to him spanking and knocking his head.

“You remember me?” I asked him. He remained shy and didn’t utter a single word. His head was still bent downwards. I used the metallic part to hit his head and he gave out a very loud cry.

“Calm down Bro” Chopbellefull said to me. I nodded my head in agreement.

“I guess you are Mr Paul. The wicked man who doesn’t say much” I asked him again. He still didn’t want to talk and I kicked his head with the sole of my boot. I left him and went straight to the other gentleman who was lying beside Madam Grace. I dragged him on the floor and ordered my guy to carry Oga paul who was almost unconscious to the car.

“Please don’t touch my son I beg you” Madam Grace cried out as soon as I dragged the boy closer. I didn’t see much of his physique, but I guess he was a young man in his early twenties.

“Hahahahaha” I laughed out loudly. “So you have a compassionate heart about your own child, but you can use other people’s children?” I asked her as I used a nearby stick to flog her bumbum.

She groaned mildly under my instruction not to shout or else I blow off her head. The young boy was shivering but it never affected my emotional state at that time.

“Hey buddy, say bye to your stupid mother” I said to the boy as raised his neck up a little bit. Madam Grace was already sobbing so hard and loud likewise her son. I adjusted my pistol, tightened my finger around the revolver and about to pull the trigger before a bullet like a flash landed on our car.

“The police,  the police” I shouted as I quickly dragged the little boy inside the car and ordered our driver to get moving Asap. The taxi man quickly reversed his steering and mad way immediately. They continued to open fire on us,  but we had no ammunition to return back fire so we speed off. Our driver drove like a real badass as we raced down the lonely road.

The shot at our glass and it shattered immediately.

“Jesus,  Jesus!!” Chopbellefull kept shouting.

“Watch out!! Watch out!!” I shouted as our driver swerved past a dangote lorry plying that road.

“You should have ended that stuff since and we get out of there” My other guy said with fear in his voice.

“Just shut-up man and don’t disturb the driver” I shouted back at him.

“Right! Right! Right!” I repeated to the driver

“Bro just relax,  I don do this thing before” He said

“Wow” I responded with my head still bent.

“All these police men dey learn work for this kain car wey I don drive all my life” The taxi driver bragged as he continued to maneuver a lot of bends. In no time, we were approaching a police check-point in front of us. They flashed their light at us and ordered us to slow down. Our driver started to slow down…

“What are you doing?” I barked at him

“Chairman, I don tell you make you calm down… no be today I do this kain thing abeg” He responded with a mean look towards me.

He slowed down a bit as soon as he got to the check-point and within a twinkling of an eye, he zoomed of past them. He knocked down a policeman in the process and the rest of them dived and headed for different directions.

He raced so hard and when I turned back, I couldn’t see the trail of the policemen behind us again. He continued to race down  and few minutes later, we were at a popular place at Obalende.

“Wetin be your account number?” I asked the driver. He took his time to scroll through his phone and brought out the account number. I used the popular mobile transfer and sent about 400k to his account.

“Jesus” The driver shouted “This thing plenty na” He said

“Enjoy brother!” I said to him. He helped us to locate another taxi that would take such a risk for us, and few minutes later we had changed our car and was on our road to Chopbellefull’s house. On the road, we encountered a little forest, and we branched inside of it.

I brought down Oga Paul down from the car and laid him on the floor. I brought out my wallet  alongside the pictures of Wind and Mylestone and showed him to his face with the help of a touchlight.

“You remember them?” I asked him. He looked at the picture and tears rolled down his eyes. His mouth was tied, so he couldn’t shout. He was trying to say something, so I untied him.

He said a lot of things and all I did was pay attention as I brought my phone closer to his mouth.

“Who are you talking about now?” I asked him “I mean her full name” I specified

“Mrs Grace Njoku” He said.

“She did all these?” I asked?

“Yes” He said with tears. He was about to say someother words, and I quickly shut my phone down.

“Don’t kill me please” He cried

“I won’t” I said with a smile. I dragged him and went closer to the car. I went to the boot and brought out a rope that was in the taxi man’s car. I tied up his hands and legs before I finally tied him to the back to the car and he was rolling on the floor. Tears rolled down his eyes and he shook his head in sorrow.

“Start the car” I instructed the driver. The driver hurriedly complied and ignited the car and off we went with full speed. We went a long way before we parked and I untied his already unconscious body off the back of the car and pushed him onto a speeding lorry that was approaching us. His head made a loud sound as it was burst open as soon as the lorry climbed over his head. His brains and other particles filled up the road.

“Let’s move” I alerted the driver and we were on our way to Chopbellefull’s house.

“What next?” Chopbellefull asked when we finally arrived his house.

“You will soon get to know” I replied him and the other guys who were already so sober!!

To Be Continued.

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  1. Where is the other episodes ooooo

  2. Where are the other episodes ooooo

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  4. My wife is on my neck to know what happens next…. Please where are the next episodes already?

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