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Top 3 Cheap IT Training Schools in Lagos Nigeria

From whichever city in Lagos you are reading from, you are about to make the biggest discovery this year. I am going to write about the cheap IT training schools in Lagos Gone are the days we paid through our noses just to acquire an ICT skill and move up the career ladder.

Are you a student willing to make a career in IT? (I guess you may have read TOP IT INSTITUTES IN LAGOS)

A graduate looking forward to tapping from the job opportunities that abound in the IT sector?

A career person who wish move up the career ladder by acquiring more skills?

A career person who needs to learn a skill to create an opening for another stream of revenue.

No matter what your reasons may be, I will show you where you can learn all these without breaking the bank.

Forget the overhyped training institutes that make us pay through our noses just to gain something that should have been affordable, this article is what we all need at this point in time.

Below are the lists of Top 3 Cheap IT training schools in Lagos, where you can easily acquire IT education without stress.


MSN Academy (Multi-Server Network Academy):

Owned by a group of talented young minds ready to make a difference in the world of IT. They have a vision of making ICT training affordable to everyone who has an interest. Forget about the Expensive buildings, Air conditioned classes and other fancy equipment that makes a student pay through the nose just to get trained, IT education is basically practical.

Located at Yaba in Lagos state, the firm trains students for as low as they can afford and most of their classes are mainly weekends to allow students/graduates and workers make the most out of their weekdays.

You can get professional courses for as low as Thirty Thousand Naira and you still get certifications like the bigger firms.

Their strengths include:

Hands-on Practical classes

Cheap and affordable Prices (Anyone can afford it)

One on One relationship with Tutors

Tutors are former Cisco employees.


IIHT (Indian Institute of Hardware Technology)

It was founded in 1993 by Indians and was established not quite long ago in Nigeria. Their teaching methodology and after learning care makes the price range affordable. They also provide career guidance and internship placements for students who perform great.

They might not be as cheap as MSN Academy, but the experience is worthwhile. I did my Cisco Certified Network Associate class with them and the experience was heavenly. They are located at Ojuelegba in Lagos state.

They are known for their “Forget a Job, We guarantee you a career” Slogan.

Their strength includes:

Hands-On Practical classes

Experienced professionals

Internship placements

Well-Equipped class-rooms




Located in the capital of Lagos state, it has proven to be a great firm who offers great courses at a fairly cheap price. A British franchise in Nigeria has continued to expand, crushing the price monopoly of the bigger firms. I took my Graphics Design classes with them and it was a pleasant experience.

GIIT might not be up to the standards of the two firms above, but it is relatively good for those who live around and might consider distance.

Their Strength Includes:

  • Great course for a relatively cheap amount
  • Favorable Location to people living around
  • Young Instructors with hands-on practical experience



The job opportunities that abound in the IT sector might want to make you consider your stance on gaining IT knowledge. You don’t have an excuse again for not learning an IT skill. Why waste the money on phones and liabilities when you can equip yourself with a valuable IT skill?

So what do you think guys??



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