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How to write articles easily

Creating articles is so far, one of the fastest ways of driving targeted traffics to your website or blog. Whether you just launched a website/blog or you are already a professional, it takes a lot of articles to keep your traffic level in place. This is because you provide answers …

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How to earn as a Writer in Nigeria

Earning a considerable amount of money as a writer in Nigeria is something that gives most writers serious trouble. Most writers feel they have the talent but are not really reaping the reward of their talent. In this simple article, I will be listing out possible ways by which you …

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5 Reasons you might fail as a writer

mistakes killing your writer blog

There are thousands and one reasons why you might fail as a prospective writer, but in this article, I will be bringing to you the major reasons why you might fail along the line. Writing is an art like I keep saying, and it takes time, patience and determination for it …

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How to Become a Better Writer

I have been writing professionally for a while, and over time I hear and keep getting questions from people who keep asking “How Can I Become a Better Writer?” There is only a single answer to this question and that answer is “Practice writing every day, Read and get to …

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