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How to Write a Good Cover Letter

A lady writing a cover letter

A cover letter is simply a letter that introduces you to a potential employer. It is defined as a one page document that is sent alongside with your resume when seeking or applying for a job. The basic function of a cover letter is to help you introduce yourself to …

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5 steps to Write a Perfect CV

Writing a perfect C.V can be much of a headache or stress for an armature writer. This is coupled with the fact that there are lots of recommendations from various sources already, who are giving all sorts of tips. In this article; I will be telling you from an insider …

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12 Great Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

 Are you an author? A writer? Or just someone who loves writing out things just for fun. Nowadays online marketplace has an excessive demand for writers. In an article, I wrote about 5 SKILLS TO WORK AS AN UPCOMING WRITER, and now I am explaining how you can keep improving …

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How To Write A Good Sales Pitch Letter

A cover letter template

  In one of my former articles How to earn as a writer in Nigeria, I specifically mentioned becoming a freelancer. In order to become a great freelancer, you must know how to write a good sales pitch letter. Like you saw where we explained in Top writer’s secret to …

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98 Interesting Topics for Your next Article

Finding interesting topics for your next article that you wish to write down about for your e-zine, blog put up, or bylined article can pose a lot of stress to a lot of people especially “non-writers” to strain over subjects, thoughts, and creativity. I believe I’d help by providing 98 …

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Steps to create a “HOW TO” Blog Article

INTRODUCTION: Your “how to” blog post should teach the reader how to do something by breaking it down into a series of steps. Begin your blog post by explaining what problem you are going to solve through your explanation and be sure to include any relevant keywords. Add in a personal …

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5 skills to work on as an upcoming writer

After I wrote Becoming a better writer I received a mail, asking me to  list out some skills to work on as an upcoming writer. The truth is that everybody is a writer, but that doesn’t make the person a good writer. For you to write effectively as an upcoming writer, …

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How to earn as a guest writer

Guest blogging piucture

Guest writing is simply writing and publishing information on someones blog or website. Most times, the writer might either be a blog owner, website owner or just a freelancer looking to making some little cash. Before establishing this blog, I have been guest writing for lots of blogs and sites …

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12 Tips to Write your First Short Story

A happy writer who finished his first short story

Writing a short story is something that comes with great pains. Just like other genres, it involves a lot mental reasoning and great imagination. It should be a piece that appeals to readers emotions. Creating a fiction story is communicating a writers imagination and portraying it as reality. Therefore using …

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Steps To Write A Super Article for your Blog

As a professional blogger, upcoming blogger or even a potential blogger, writing a unique content and article for your blog is one of the most daunting tasks to be faced, whenever your blog is online. This is that the more unique your article is, the more traffic you generate, and …

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Top writers secrets to earning more

The secrets to earning more as a professional writer is something that has been hidden for so long from average or upcoming writers. These secrets if utilized, will open up a stream of cash inflow and give you the necessary foothold to stake your claim as a writer. Below are …

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