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4 Mistakes Killing Your Writer Blog

mistakes killing your writer blog

4 Mistakes Killing Your Writer Blog Mistakes killing your writer blog can be a hindrance to your success as a writer. I have gotten several emails from readers who wanted me to help review their writer blog and review the mistakes affecting it in a bid to attract more clients. …

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5 Reasons You Need a Blog as a Writer

A writer blogging

You consider yourself a writer and not a blogger; so there goes the question, “why should I start a blog?” Personally I wouldn’t pressurize you into starting a blog as a writer; I will only show you 5 reasons you need a blog as a writer, and then you make …

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5 Common Hurdles Every Writer Faces

As long as you write; whether a novel, books or even just an article, there are 5 common hurdles every writer faces. Most of the time, new breeds often get discouraged when they come in contact with such hurdle. But the already established writers see it as something common. For …

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A downcast writer

In the world of writing, there are majorly 5  types of writers we have. Their qualities are not turn-offs; rather it is what makes them unique. In this article, I will be pointing out the types of writers you get to meet and their characteristics. Idea Bag: This type of …

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Two Wrong Stories

What makes a woman wish to kill the husband What makes an assassin have remorse to kill? What is his final action? Check it out in this interesting short story titled “TWO WRONG STORIES”   Download  HERE

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