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5 Work From Home Jobs For Job Seekers

A job seeker performing one of the 5 work from home jobs for job seekers

I am very excited to write about this topic because I believe it would be useful to a whole lot of job seekers who visit topwritersden and other places this article would be published. As a job seeker, the feeling and guilt of waking up and having no job for …

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Can I Get A Job using Social Media? – Discover How

Someone asked me a question, “Can I get a job using the social media?” I replied her “If only you could know the secrets.” Every day I see people get jobs using social media and it has forced me to write about it.  Desperate measures require desperate actions. “Everything is …

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Top Ways to Remain Jobless In Nigeria

Jobless graduate in Nigeria

The Nigerian job market has remained crowded with unemployment on the rise. This has made a lot of hard working graduates remain jobless in Nigeria. I still stand on my opinion that there are jobs for those who are qualified to get it. There are so many ways to remain …

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5 Funny Ways to Get a Job in Nigeria

A desperate Job Seeker

This rush for even the lowest paying jobs in the country now is alarming. The fact remains that there are jobs, but some job seekers can’t just know how to get it. I am going to give you some funny methods that people I know personally have used to get …

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