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4 Mindsets Fresh Graduates Should Discard

4 Mindsets Fresh Graduates Should Discard These 4 mindsets are career killers to fresh graduates. It holds you back from making great projections for yourself. You may have read How To Write A Good Cover Letter and even WRITE A GREAT CV, now is time to work on your mindsets. …

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5 Job Secrets HR’s Don’t Want You To Know

What are those 5 job secrets they will never tell you? Have you ever wondered while some people are getting and changing jobs with ease, while the others are still at home tapping from other people’s blessings? I bet you don’t know. Or you are probably wondering how some people …

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7 Job Myths You Should Never Believe

From whichever city you are reading from, these 7 job myths should never be in your subconscious. As long as you are Nigerian you must have been wired to believe most of them. For those who still believe in the fairy tales, they told us as kids now is a …

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3 secret ways to get a job in Nigeria

You might be wondering the 3 secret ways to get a job in Nigeria that I am about to list, that is new in all the articles you have read before. The fact that about 10% of unemployed graduates know it still makes it a secret. It will end up …

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Top 4 free websites to acquire skills online

Forget about the overpriced training institutes located in the country. Do you know that there are over top 4 free websites to acquire skills online? These websites allow you to gain the necessary skills that can make the difference in your career and position you for top jobs when the …

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5 Work From Home Jobs For Job Seekers

I am very excited to write about this topic because I believe it would be useful to a whole lot of job seekers who visit topwritersden and other places this article would be published. As a job seeker, the feeling and guilt of waking up and having no job for …

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