The 10 Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria with Zero Risk and Low Capital

These best investment opportunities in Nigeria are some you should consider if you want to be rich in 2018. Majority of them are high-yield, so if you really want your money to work for you, then you should consider these best Nigeria investment opportunities with low risk and capital. These financial investment opportunities don’t require your physical presence, so all you need is just invest your cash and watch it grow over a period of time.

Top 10 Best Nigeria Investment Opportunities with low Risk and Capital

best investment opportunities in Nigeria


Becoming rich fast comes as a result of investing your money. This means that you focus more on financial investment opportunities that can turn your 100k to 300k without possible risks.

If for example I am paid four hundred thousand Naira as my salary monthly, and I invest just 10% of it monthly, I don’t need to be physically available to watch the money grow and I earn returns.

The advantage of investing in these Nigeria investment opportunities is that you don’t need to know everything about the market to be able to make a massive profit from your little capital. 

Before you invest in any of these best investment opportunities, you should determine whether you are doing it for the long term or short. This would help you determine your next step.

What are the best investment opportunities in Nigeria with low risk and capital?

investment opportunities in Nigeria

Some of these investments portfolios might come with longer terms because that is one of the secrets of making more money from investments.

The Custodian Life Time Harvest

This passive savings investment idea is certainly considered one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria for low-income earners. All you need to do is just to save a small portion of your income either monthly, quarterly, half-year, or yearly.

The benefits of this investment package are;

  • It comes with Insurance (If the breadwinner of the family dies, the family gets compensated with a huge sum of money. In the effect of an accident of the investment holder, the person gets medical benefits up to millions Naira.
  • This investment package can be used as a loan collateral
  • Minimum savings of 5,000 Naira monthly
  • Tax deduction (The investment holder is given a tax relief from the government)
  • The payout is done every three years (Minimum of 70% of your money)
  • Capital is safe and secured.
  • An interest of 18%

This is suitable for people who are looking to develop a good savings habit, and people with children looking for family protection.

The ARM Mutual Funds

It is one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria for low-income earners. Just in case you wish to invest in mutual funds that have zero risk and great interest potentials, then the ARM mutual funds are for you.

The Benefits of the ARM Mutual Funds are;

  • Minimum capital of 5,000 Naira
  • You can add up to your account balance at will (Even for as low as 1000 Naira)
  • The payout is done quarterly every year.
  • An interest of 15.97%

It doesn’t come with insurance. So in the eventuality of death of the investor, your account balance is paid out to the indicated next of kin. Nothing extra is added to the balance. This is suitable for those who are looking at short-term goals.

FBN Market Funds

The First Bank Mutual funds are one the safest investment portfolio put together by the bank for those with little or no financial knowledge of how the market works.

This investment plan is one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria for investors with short-term and medium goals. It has a low entry cost and high return for investors.

Some of the benefits of this investment plans are;

  • Low capital to start up. You can invest for as little as 10,000 Naira
  • Investors pay no Withholding Tax on capital gains
  • Payout is quarterly
  • No risk of capital loss (You would never lose your capital in this investment)
  • 14% interest on capital.

Bank Fixed Deposit

This fixed deposit is an investment account whereby the investor agrees on a specific amount at an agreed tenor with an agreed interest rate. Once the agreed period is reached, the investment can either be re-invested or returned to the customer (liquidated) with the interest earned. It has certainly been one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria for those who aren’t risk takers.

Features of the fixed deposit account

  • It has a minimum of 30 days and maximum of 360 days for the investment period.
  • The minimum opening balance is 100,000 Naira (It depends on the investment house)
  • It has an attractive interest rate
  • Anyone is free to operate this kind of account


 top investment opportunities in Nigeria

UBA Money Market Deposit


This is one of the best Nigeria investment opportunities that have the ability to earn yields on short investments. It can come in a secured or non-secured format, depending on the preference of the investor.

The features of this investment scheme are;

  • It can be open buyback or fixed buyback
  • It can be secured or non-secured
  • Funds and securities can be transferred simultaneously by both counterparts.

Benefits of this investment plan

  • It has a high opportunity to earn an increased yield on short-term investments
  • Liquidity can be created to meet short-term obligations
  • It is safe when an investor invests in secured plans and receives collateral.

Some other secured Nigeria investment opportunities with average interest Rates are;

  • Custodian Capital Growth
  • Custodian Edu plan
  • ARM Esusu
  • Royal Exchange Trip Plan

There are several other best investment opportunities in Nigeria with other financial markets, but the above listed are the best for those with little capital and low-risk investors. I will be listing out other several investment opportunities, but investing would be at your own discretion.

Majority of them comes with high risk in the short term unless you are willing to be a long-term investor.

  • ARM Aggressive Money Growth
  • ARM Discovery Fund
  • Zenith Equity Funds
  • Stanbic Ethical Fund


Note: Treasury Bills are safe but it is meant for investors with very large capital. As of July 2017, CBN mandated that the Treasury bills come along with an opening sum of 50 Million Naira.

In case of other questions as regard monetary markets to invest in, feel free to ask via the comment section and I will get back to you ASAP.


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