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A professional freelancer; with years of experience in creative writing, content writing, article writing for blogs, short stories, E-books and Training aspiring writers who believe they have all it takes.

The Life Of An Average Graduate In Nigeria

graduate in nigeria

  Hi, I am just a graduate in Nigeria. I will come back to what my name is; but right now, I type with so much anger. I guess you must have read; Click===>>(Open LETTER of a WORKING GRADUATE to His Jobless PAST). I thought to be a graduate was …

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5 Job Secrets HR’s Don’t Want You To Know

5 job secrets

What are those 5 job secrets they will never tell you? Have you ever wondered while some people are getting and changing jobs with ease, while the others are still at home tapping from other people’s blessings? I bet you don’t know. Or you are probably wondering how some people …

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7 Job Myths You Should Never Believe

Job myths you shouldn't believe

From whichever city you are reading from, these 7 job myths should never be in your subconscious. As long as you are Nigerian you must have been wired to believe most of them. For those who still believe in the fairy tales, they told us as kids now is a …

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How My Ex Boss Rewarded Me For Being Loyal

Loyalty don't pay

Not everyone values Loyalty!! Read below and see. On the 6th of July, I resigned voluntarily from my place of work due to the breach of contract from the Indians I was working with. My job became hell instead of heaven for me. I was paid off my remaining contract …

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Life Of A Star (A Celebrity Story)

Celebrity lifestyle

This write up is a perfect work of fiction. It is based on nothing but the writer’s imagination, any similarities between any real object and the characters is nothing but a coincidence . All right reserved to the author (Stanley Angela) Any part of this work should not be copied …

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