5 skills to work on as an upcoming writer

After I wrote Becoming a better writer I received a mail, asking me to  list out some skills to work on as an upcoming writer. The truth is that everybody is a writer, but that doesn’t make the person a good writer. For you to write effectively as an upcoming writer, there are skills so important to you. If not naturally, you should work on it and gain perfection. In this article, I will be listing out the 5 skills to work on as an upcoming writer.

  1. Reading AbilityThis point cannot be overemphasized at all. In all articles I have written about writing and writer, I have kept mentioning about reading. For you to break the stone wall and develop as an upcoming writer, you must have read wide. If you don’t have the passion for reading, I bet if you will ever become successful as a writer. Even if you do at first, you will end up lacking ideas in the long run. Reading is essential and paramount for you as an upcoming writer.
  2. Love of words: For every writer, you must be having lots of words at your disposal. These words don’t fall from the sky; they are gotten as a result of reading wide. So you can see why READING is absolutely important as an upcoming writer. The first reader’s notices in every writer’s writing are his choices of words. Therefore, being outstanding in this aspect will basically give you an advantage over other average writer.
  3. Good grammar and punctuation skills: This is an obvious one. You wouldn’t even pass 4th grade English class by being deficient in this aspect. As an upcoming writer, you should make sure that your grammar and punctuation skills are top-notch. This helps to make sure that all your writings are clear and readable to readers. You should be aware that bad grammar leaves an impression and wrong punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence.
  4. Imagination: A writer’s imagination is his power-house. The ability to create something wonderful with words is what differentiates a writer from other writers. One of the skills to work on as an upcoming writer with super attention is your imagination and creative skill. Others can be remedied through external help, but your creativity and imagination is basically the bedrock for your success. Every writer including those who specialize in non-fiction needs imagination to make their work more lucid.
  5. Good research skills: Most times writers find themselves wandering in an unfamiliar territory during writing. Along with the ability to generate ideas during this period comes research. Nobody is a fountain of knowledge, which means you should learn how to research about topic you have no idea about. So as any upcoming writer, if you think you don’t want to stress yourself about researching, I guess you should think twice about the writing career.

As a writer, there are lots of skills to possess and work on. But as an upcoming writer, the above listed ones should be given more priority. If there are more you think should be included, feel free to use the comment box and add yours. Thanks.

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