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5 Reasons Blogging Isn’t A Lucrative Business

Before I start to list them out, I am sure you must have had this fantasy about bloggers getting paid by Google when someone opens their blogs. You also have the fantasy about bloggers who smile to the bank every month without doing much work. I was in the same school of thought till I decided to check it out myself. I am not an enemy of progress, but I just want to give some intending bloggers the raw reasons why blogging isn’t a lucrative job as they have imagined. It is normal to have big dreams about buying your first car via blogging, but I am tempted to shout “wake up from those dreams.” Below are some of my reasons of tagging blogging a non-lucrative way of making money.



  • Capital Intensive: I remembered before I opened my blog, I was comfortable with just spending a thousand naira as my monthly subscription fee. The moment I launched my blog, I keep spending close to five thousand naira just within few weeks all in the name searching and uploading contents online. If care is not taken, blogging would leave you broke than you ever imagined. You pay for lots of things just to get the blog in the right direction. So when next someone advises you to open a blog as a means to curb unemployment, make sure you request for money for expenses. From the design to the hosting of the blog, and down to the advertisement that follows. Blogging is not just an investment plan, it is a huge capital investment program and  it is one of the reasons blogging isn’t such a lucrative business.



  • Long ROI (Return of investments) Period: Who ever gave you the idea that you can start a blog today and start earning is actually a wolf in sheep clothing. Blogging isn’t something that you invest in for short term profit. It takes a long time to see the Return Of Investment i.e. if you are lucky to see. Blogging was actually a means for people to express opinions that gets readers attracted, before it was monetized by various means especially Google. Blogging is just like starting out to build a house with little money, without knowing when you will reap from your labor. The return of investment period for blogging has been estimated to be about a year or so and it comes with a serious tag called “Hardwork.” So never go into blogging because you want to earn as fast as possible. If you are interested in lucrative projects, find others aside blogging.


  • Depression Rate is High: After you have created an article you’ve termed world class, and you finally check-out the number of visitors that read the article on your blog and you discover they weren’t even up to 10 people, how would you feel? The basic truth is that bloggers suffer from depression especially during the early stages. So why should you advise someone looking for job to become a blogger. He is already depressed being jobless and you want to add up another set of depression to him. So next time you see a blogger using the click and bait method, know that he actually needs you on his site to lighten up his mood.


  • Nobody Likes Bloggers: The name “blogger” sends a kind of message to anyone who hears it. Most people see bloggers as liars, so they don’t just like seeing any blog link from nowhere. Imagine when someone tags you a liar, you think they like you? You need dedicated people who really like you to the moon and back to make money off blogging. So when out of a million bloggers in the country, people are comfortable with just a few of them, what happens to the rest of us?


  • Over-crowded Profession: Everyone right now is a blogger and people with little or no idea about the profession has taken over. It has sent a bad image out there and if you aren’t among the big wigs, you will have a hard time climbing up that ladder. Blogs everywhere with little or nothing to offer. Blogging isn’t as lucrative as ever because the proceeds have been split to millions of “I must blog” bloggers out there.


Unless you have the resources and the determination to breakthrough, blogging won’t be lucrative for you. I have seen bloggers who quit after many years with nothing to show as a reward for blogging. The technicality and other things will overwhelm you and make you question your decision to blog. So for safety reasons and that of your money, take that money you have budgeted for blogging and find a more lucrative business to do with it. Blogging isn’t as lucrative as you have imagined or the way they told you.

Feel free to add up your own reasons and let’s get more views.

Mike Bush.

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  1. These reasons doesn’t mean blogging isn’t profitable. Everyone cannot succeed in a venture.

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